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Enhance your career with intensive training in the law.

Discover a new 30-credit program offered by The University of New Mexico School of Law.

A new degree to give your career a new dimension

The Master of Studies in Law (MSL) is a new graduate degree program that offers a condensed legal education for those who do not need or want a law degree. It’s designed for mid-career professionals and recent college graduates who want to enhance their career with legal education relevant to their field or interests.

Quick Facts:

  Fall 2018
Number of

Classes are taught at the UNM School of Law in Albuquerque during the day (not in the evening or on weekends, but some are in the late afternoon). A few law courses are offered during the summer term.

  No GRE, LSAT, or entrance exam required

"Virtually every sector of today's economy would benefit from employing workers with more than superficial knowledge of the law. Fields potentially ripe for the concept include health-care policy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, public affairs, banking, and environmental sciences, to name just a few."

Carol A. Parker Legal Education for All (or More Than Just Lawyers), The Chronicle of Higher Education (September 9, 2013).


Take law classes that relate to your interests


Full-time or part-time study

Small classes

UNM Law is known for small class size and a congenial environment

High quality

Classes are taught by law professors at the UNM School of Law

Why choose the new UNM Law School MSL program?


Polish your credentials

Employers from a variety of sectors in New Mexico strongly support the new MSL degree program. They agree that the MSL offers valuable and practical training.


Distinguish yourself with uncommon knowledge and skills

The UNM Law School is New Mexico's only provider of degree programs in law. With an MSL degree, you will gain uncommon knowledge and skills that will distinguish you at your workplace. You will have legal education that is generally available only to Juris Doctor students.


Take law classes that relate to your job or interests

The MSL is customizable. You'll take one required 4-credit introductory class and choose 26 credit hours of law classes related to your job, interests, area of concentration, or area of focus. Up to 6 hours of graduate-level classes in other departments can count toward the 26 credit hours of law classes.

The MSL program offers concentrations in Indian Law or Natural Resources and Environmental Law.

The new Master of Studies in Law is intended to benefit people working in a variety of fields and professions:

Healthcare professionals who need to know about state and federal health law compliance; family law training for case managers; family law and disability law for rural doctors

National labs personnel working on compliance with laws on environmental protection, export control, and equal employment opportunity

Tribal leaders interacting with all levels of government on legal issues such as tribal sovereignty, easements, gaming compacts, taxation, and criminal justice

Professionals in environmental and natural resource careers who need to deepen their understanding of laws and institutions governing environmental protection and natural resource management

Personnel in all levels of government who administer and manage programs governed by laws, regulations, and policies

Any professional working for an organization that would benefit from staff with more than superficial knowledge of the law